...I'm Not Sure What You Meant.

These terms are all fancy ways of saying that neither you nor anyone else have any idea what the fuck you're talking about.

List of Terms



Affigogender is defined as "the prefix affigo (pronunciation: /afˈfiː.ɡoː/) comes from the Latin for: I imprint on, I attach to.
Affigogender is a term for people who were raised with an assigned and imposed gender. They may choose to hold on to and live as that gender (which characterizes a cisgender person), or they may disagree with their gender assignment (which characterizes someone who can identify as transgender)."1


Aligender (or Aliasgender) is defined as "When you are transgender and/or nonbinary and you don’t identify with your agab in the slightest but in moments it’s unsafe or too scary to come out, your gender switches to your agab. It may or may not help dysphoria in that time."2


Ansigender is defined as "the feeling that one gender is more accurate or correct in describing a person, but another identity/term is more comfortable for them."3


Antinonbinary (or Antienbie) is defined as "an identity defined as being opposite of nonbinary; the antigender of non-binary.
Similar to anonbinary, not essentially binary, it could be femache/girlboy or ambigender/androgyne."


Arsenogender is defined as "a masculine gender that has been altered or affected by toxic masculinity in some way. It can make the individual with the gender feel conflicting feelings about their maleness and/or masculinity, or feel that they no longer feel a connection to the masculine parts of their identity because of how toxic masculinity has affected them. Arsen- is a Greek root meaning "male", and it is also the etymological origin of arsenic, which is toxic."4


Autogender is defined as "the prefix “auto-” meaning “self.”
someone who is autogender has a gender experience that feels deeply personal to themselves but is too difficult to accurately describe with previous gender terms."5



Busygender is defined as "for when you’re being too busy to have a gender."6



Cennendgender (or Pareogender) is defined as "where your gender identity is heavily influenced by your parents or guardian figures, from the old English word cennend meaning parent."7

Circumvented Gender

Circumvented Gender is defined as "used to describe the act of purposely avoiding or bypassing gender in any form"8



Dangender is defined as "[you] feel most comfortable when [you] identify as the YouTuber Dan Howell"9


Dictitogender is defined as "a gender that feels to have been reintegrated into the persons gender identity many times"10


Dimittorte is defined as "a gender that dissolves dozens of other genders, and binds some together, forever altering the gender."11


Dollopgender is defined as "a gender that is very small and may go away after a short period."12



Ebulliobaonic is defined as "based on the Latin word ebullio-to boil up, bubble up, to appear, produce in abundance…when your gender comes up sporadically and in waves of feeling, causing confusion and discomfort"13


Enbiagender is defined as "a person who considers themself [sic] to be mostly binary gendered (binary man or woman, possibly both) or otherwise not nonbinary (e.g. genderless), but feels some attachment to nonbinary genderness ONLY through their attraction to nonbinary individuals; someone who feels as though they are (possibly non-exclusively) enbian/can describe their attraction as nblnb, but otherwise do not identify with nonbinarity. An affinative sentiogender."14


Errgender is defined as "a stray gender, one you can’t quite get a hold of (err- stray)."15


Eruogender is defined as "a gender that was once made up of multiple genders but has been treated in such a way that some were destroyed or plucked away."16


Eucligender is defined as "a gender that is either unpredictable or otherwise insufficiently well-understood as to be reliably described."17


Existgender is defined as "a gender that simply exists."18



Facsimilique is defined as "a gender that feels like an exact copy of another gender. it may not serve a purpose, but it copies another gender."19


Femdouxnoire is defined as "Simultaneously being femnoire & femdoux / being fluid between femnoire & femdoux."20


Fugogender is defined as "a gender that feels like it has been exiled, separated, and consistently looked over. it may eventually be reintegrated, but fails to become a large part"21


FuturaeGender is defined as "when you experience a lack of gender in the present but feel as though you might gain a gender/s in the future."22


Fuzzgender (or Fuzzygender) is defined as "when you know that you're a certain gender, but can’t explain why you are that gender."23



Genderational is defined as "when your gender is heavily related to or influenced by what generation you are a part of."24


Genderblåskrike (or Abinhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with only abinary genders"25


Genderbounce is defined as "a gender that simply bounces around and collects other genders."26


Gendercoin is defined as "a gender that can feel valuable to the person but other times gets thrown away but eventually comes back different"27


Gendercorvid (or Agenhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with only agenders"28


Genderdeflatus is defined as "a gender that eventually deflates into nothingness, and completely disappears."29


Genderdoven (or NINhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with only NINgenders"30


Genderdue (or Multihoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder but with only multigenders."31


Genderemu (or Neurogenhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with only neurogenders"32


Genderessimal is defined as "any gender that is infinitessimal [sic], but still not quite agender. Includes nanogenders, pixelgenders, planckgenders, etc."33


Genderfumy is defined as "Fluxstatic, Flexstill or Kymenianflux: fluxing the gender intensity while the gender identity stays static; staticflux or stillflux, a combination of flexgender (flux) and genderstill (genderstatic, kymenian or kymengender); a more specific subset of genderflux that isn’t genderfluid, not changing the gender but its intensity. Also shorten to fluxtatic/flextatic, flextill/fluxtill, kymenflux and statiflux.
This is on gendergaz and amplusian spectra."34


Gendergoosei (or FINhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but only with FINgenders"35


Genderhegre is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with only LINgenders."36


Genderhollow (or Genderempty) is defined as "a gender that is present, but is empty or hollow."37


Genderlight (or Panzerogender/Zeropangender) is defined as "when all genders, accessible within your own culture and life experience, are nullified when combined with their respective antigenders, leading to mutual self-destruction or a similar concept of nullifying; the mix of pangender and panantigender.
This would result or not on neutrois, null-genders or rather a gender lightness, balancing all absolute and opposite genders (pannegatrois + panpositrois)"38


Gendermalladaria (or MINhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with only MINgenders"39


Gendermåke (or XINhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but only with XINgenders"40


Gendermud is defined as "fluidstable or stablefluid (genderstable + genderfluid); someone who changes the gender identity while gender intensity stays strictly stable. As mud being semi-liquid and semi-solid states in mind."41


Genderpuffin (or Demihoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but only demigenders/hemigenders."42


Gendersnowbird (or Nontrihoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with only nontrinary genders"43


Genderspurv (or Fluixhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with fluid/flux/fluix genders."44


Gendersublime (or Mudfumy) is defined as "a combination of genderfumy and gendermud (kymenianflux + diastimianfluid); a split genderness divided into a part that is fluidstable (fluid diastimian) and other side that it stillflux (static genderflux); a flexgenderfluid that is not fluidflux (fluxfluid, genderfliux or genderfluix).
Similar to genderslider. Also on gendergaz, polygender and suptiliamplusian (demisuptilian, demiamplusian or amplussuptilian) spectra"45


Gendervultur (or Anonbinhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with only Anonbinary genders"46


Genderørn (or Wendehoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with only wendecure/similar identities"47


Gengender is defined as "being all genders and no gender, encompassing every aspect of gender, embracing gender completely. Your gender IS gender. There is gender tingling in your bones."48


Girldead is defined as one of the following:

  • "you were meant to be a girl but you weren’t good enough at it, so now your gender is dead
  • being a girl is making you dead
  • girlhood=deadness because it’s too hard to be a girl and be alive"49



Hairgender is defined as "when your gender is closely connected to your body hair"50


Horshugender is defined as "a binary gender that is so extremely intense that it actually begins to resemble the “opposite” binary gender. (Name comes from “horseshoe”.)"51


Hypnoflux is defined as "a gender that hypnotizes you and takes control but when you escape the trance you flux to other genders."52



Ineffabillisian is defined as "a gender that is utterly ineffable. It cannot be explained other than it only exists. It serves little purpose, but can be a crucial part in ones gender."53


Ineffigender is defined as "gender that is too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words, this can be used as by itself or in combination with the closest term available. Examples of this would be Ineffiboy, Ineffigirl, ineffinonbinary, etc"54


Infinigender is defined as "(infinitive gender): gender not limited by tense, person, or number; limitless or endless gender in space, extent, or size; gender impossible to measure or calculate.
This gender can be very great in amount or degree, greater than any assignable quantity or countable number, able to be continued indefinitely, nonfinite space or quantity otherwise it is infinite. Not necessarily infinitrois, since it’s not a leptivity.
See also: genderflow, supragender; parvusgender, zilliogender, zerogender, cosmicgender, abimegender, neurogender and mathgender."55


Infogender is defined as "an informative gender, in which it expresses more to the gender owner than with other people. Basically you experience that gender and it communicates and informs you while it does not really show itself for people around you for any reason."56


Innogender is defined as "from the italian word “innominato” which means nameless. It’s a gender that doesn’t have a name, can’t be described in words, or is unique to the one individual that uses the label. An innogender person knows their gender, it’s obvious and understood with a very clear presentation, but the individual doesn’t want to/can’t describe it in words.

  • You may be innogender if:
  • You don’t want to describe your gender but you still want a label for your gender
  • You can’t put words to what your gender feels like
  • You know your gender and how it affects you, but you just can’t describe it
  • You’ve experimented with labels that seemed to fit but never felt comfortable with
  • You feel as though you’re the only person in the world who has this gender and no one else could ever understand it"57


Intergender is defined as "fills in the spaces between the genders; not without or none but the gender in the middle"58


Invisigender is defined as "a gender experience that is for some reason partially or fully invisible."59



Lamingender is defined as " a gender experience composed of layers or slices."60



Macrogender is defined as "large feelings of gender that are not identifiable within social gender categories."61


Malliagender is defined as "a gender related to hair"62


Metaphuriac is defined as "when your gender identity and gender metaphor are identical."63


Microgender is defined as "small feelings of gender that are not identifiable within social gender categories."64


Miscigender is defined as "a gender that exists but is essentially unfelt and doesn’t affect the owner’s overall identity. For polygender people, to refer to “miscellaneous” genders that they may have, or for agender people, to describe a gender that is barely there and doesn’t change their agender-ness."65



Nongender is defined as "A gender that is most accurately described by what it isn’t, not by what it is.
Note: If someone is a nongender of a binary gender, they are not necessarily the other binary gender. A nonboy is not necessarily a girl, and vice versa. Nongenders are for people who are more sure of what their gender isn’t rather than what it is.
Examples: A binary trans girl who is sure she is a girl would not need to use the label nonboy, as her identity is rooted in the fact that she is a girl, not that she is not a boy.
A gender neutral person who is sure they are gender neutral would not need to use the labels nonboy and nongirl, as their identity is rooted in the fact that they are gender neutral, not that they are not a boy nor a girl.
Another person is unsure of their gender and does not know what they are. However, they are sure they are not a girl. Thus, that person could use the label nongirl!
A demigirl may have a partial connection to being a girl, but is more sure that she is not a boy rather than she is a girl. She could use the label nonboy!"66


Non-trinary is defined as "any gender identity which does not fit, fully or solely, within the trinary of male, female and neutrois/agender (neutral or non-existant gender) all the time.

Nontrinary is separated from atrinary (or aternary), so it encompasses multigenders of ternary genders, such as androgyne, bigender, neumale, trigender and ambonec, some people can describe nonternary as abinary with a gender alignment. Also within the nonbinary spectrum and sometimes nonquadrinary or nonquaternary."67


Nxnbinary (pronounced like nonbinary) is defined as "a gender that is both a nonbinary gender (such as neutrois) and agender/no gender. You can be a nonbinary gender and agender/no gender at the same time, go between them, or fluctuate between feeling a gender and not feeling gender.

  • Emphasizes being a nonbinary gender.
  • Spelled nxnbinary with an X instead of an O as if you’re crossing out that you’re a gender.
  • Kinda similar to demigender (where agender/no gender is the non-gendered part), agenderflux (with fluctuations between agender and a gender), or being genderfluid between agender/no gender and a nonbinary gender."68



Ocugender is defined as "a gender that is only present when one looks for it. From “ocular”."69


Overfemme is defined as "a gender identity or performance that can be conceptualized by picturing a spectrum running from a masculine point to a feminine point, and then running along that axis towards the “feminine” side, only to jump clear over the “feminine” dot and off the spectrum itself.
overfemmes exist in this unbound space in which they incorporate notions that are “beyond”, “above” or “other than” femininity into their presentation and conceptualization of femme-ness itself. overfemmes transcend femininity without approaching masculinity in the slightest, and without rejecting femme-ness or femininity. a sort of femme-plus, overflowing femme, uber-femme. overfemme is what you get when you play with femininity in the loving way that only femmes can, while departing from femininity in a movement towards something new and beyond."70



Paradoxgender is defined as "where you feel as if you’re all the genders, but none at the same time. It’s impossible to explain…It’s unique with everyone who uses it."71


Parrothoarder (or Panhoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder in which you hoard either hoarder genders or pangenders"72


Petrogender is defined as "a Brazilian gender that has to do with our petroleum not being imported by Venezuela, a result of United Statian imperialism and anti-semitic ethnonationalism (zionism)"73


Pomogender is defined as "short for “postmodern”, a way for a person to say that they believe the current vocabulary is not quite complex enough (or diverse enough) to accurately describe their own sense of gender identity."74


Pregender is defined as "before…a gender; preboy would be moving to identify as a boy but has yet to fully embrace the term and pregirl would be moving to identify as a girl but has yet to fully embrace the term"75


Prongender is defined as "your preferred pronouns affect your gender, instead of your gender affecting your pronouns."76


(Pronoun)gender is defined as "a placeholder-type gender for if you are unsure what you identify as just yet. a way of being non-specifically nonbinary.
i.e, theygender, aergender, (your pronoun/s here)gender"77


Postgender is defined as "after a gender…postboy would have moved on from identifying as a boy but still has gendered ties to identifying as a boy and postgirl would have moved on from identifying as a girl but still has gendered ties to identifying as a girl"78



Quailhoarder is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but instead of genders, it is names."79



Ripseoxlect-gendered is defined as "leaning towards any sexuality while also putting yourself into the shoes and balancing other sexualities. It’s a light-hearted but also very serious feeling."80



Scansiogender is defined as "a gender that feels like it is always rising/getting higher."81


Sclerabaonic (or Oftalmocolorgenderfluid) is defined as "gender that changes depending on eye color…(Ex: if [you're] by someone who has blue eyes, [you] feel more masc, brown eyes, more fem, etc.)"82


Scribblegender is defined as "sometimes you can’t define things and it’s a scribble"83


Sexusgender is defined as "you feel that your sex and gender have a special bond with one another; your gender defines your biological anatomy. If you are agender and feel that special connection, you would be a sexusgender."84

Storm Ryan Gender

Storm Ryan Gender is likely defined as a gender related to Storm Ryan".85


Stromagender is defined as "a gender which fills up the space around you; a gender which occupies others."86


Subgender is defined as "under the threshold for having a gender; subboy and subgirl are close but not quite boy and girl; subgender could also be an umbrella term for identities that distance themselves away from the current dichotomy but do not fully separate from it"87


Superagender is defined as "above the threshold for having a gender/having a gender that exceeds above and including a gender; supraboy would include and extend beyond boy and supragirl would include and extend beyond girl"88
Another phrasing is "an identity that includes and exceeds genderlessness. For example, they would feel that their genderless level includes but also extends outside of being agender."89


Supertaskgender is defined as "you are constantly finding smaller and smaller details about your gender, which is finite, but there are an infinite number of these details to discover."90



Turkeyhoarder is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder but instead of genders, it is pronouns."91



Umbrellabirdhoarder (or Umbrellahoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but with umbrella terms."92


Ungender is defined as "not without but a negative; an unboy would be the negative of a boy and an ungirl would be the negative of a girl"93



Vestigibaonic is defined as "a core that comes in trace amounts, barely revealing itself"94


Viriligender is defined as "a very masculine gender. made for the trans ‘men’ who realize it is harmful to associate themselves with men, but have no other label for their gender.
this gender is non-binary and is not to be associated with men in any way unless given permission.
‘virilis’ is a latin word to describe masculinity."95


Vulculgender is defined as "a gender like vulture culture, in which you take a dead gender or agender and turn it into something new"96


Vulturehoarder is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder in which you hoard agenders and “dead” genders"97

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