Ignotumgender Flag
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color meanings:
deep sea teal - murky, clouded waters; darker confusion; stress induced depression concerning gender
clouded blue - areas of confusion; hard to see internal conflict; stress that is easily dismissed
lake-ivy green - acceptance; happiness with self; loss of confusion and newfound comfort; clouded waters turned into life

Ignotumgender is a neurogender defined as "a gender that is defined by confusion, with varying levels of intricacy in the person’s identity and gender. it is closely related to genders such as greygender and cloudgender. this idenity[sic] can be applied because of a lack of sense of self and/or dissociative issues the person has. origins found from the latin phrase found here
term restrictions: no neurotypical use (people without mental health issues), prefered [sic] use by people with personal confusion such as with depersonalization disorders, dissociative disorders, depressive disorders, personality disorders, etc who lack a sense of self or have widened confusion

name class: bastic term, can have add ons such as ‘ignotumflux’ and ‘ignotumfluid’. cannot apply gendered terms such as girl or boy as this is a strictly nonbinary/other classified gender."1

History of the term

Ignotumgender was coined on June 6, 20172 by tumblr user ignotumgender.3 The flag was created on or before March 11, 2018 by tumblr use ignotumgender.4

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I’m confused by gender,
MOGAI's intricate–
but I’m so deep in it,
I can’t see it’s full of shit.

I’m ignotumgender
because I don’t see the harm
of turning my mental illness
into a gender term.


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