Gradient Gender

Gradient Gender is a colorgender defined as "a gender(s) that are vague, and feel like a point on a gradient where any given point could be a gender (if genders are represented by the colors on said gradient) and can be vaguely identified but never pinpointed at an exact/precise “color” [gender identity].
Additionally this gender(s) may be blended so much into other “colors” [feelings of gender] or feelings of confusion/other feelings that make one’s gender hard to identify, that it cannot be pinpointed.
Lastly these gender(s) could be so diluted/blended that they are like the in-between stages on a gradient where one color flows into another, and it is impossible to decide where either color stops or starts or the point at which they are both completely blended.
Can be used with other prefixes/suffixes and gender identifiers.

Gradient female or male: A gender that is vaguely female or male but can’t be pinpointed due to being represented in a sense that it is on a gradient
Gradientfluid: A gender(s) that are fluid but shift between vaguely unidentifiable points on a gradient. Some of these genders may be identifiable and some may not.
Gradientflux: A gender(s) that flux between vaguely identifiable points on a gradient. Again some of these may be identifiable and some may not
Demigradient: A gender(s) in which certain parts (or certain genders) are able to be precisely identified but others are represented by being vague points on a gradient
Neurogradient: A gender(s) that are represented by being on a gradient due to neurodivergency. May also be used with specific neurotypes (For example Autismgradient or autigradient for autistic people, dissociagradient for people who are dissociative, etc etc)
These may also be used with several prefixes/suffixes and gender identifiers, as many as one wishes.
Note: Gradient gender can be considered binary or non binary / genderqueer depending upon individual, and may also be considered a neurogender but does not have to be, again based upon the individual. "1

History of the term

Gradient Gender was coined on March 20th, 2017 by tumblr user confirmedpsycho.2 There is no flag.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

Gradient Gender
Image Unavailable
Somewhere between blue and pink
is where my gender lies, I think.
My color scheme is much more mellow
than dorks who ID as red and yellow.


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