Glutinfernal is a mythologender defined as "when obsessive-compulsive behaviors (such as hoarding) or a desire to obtain objects (such as kleptomania) creates an identity surrounding a deep desire to keep objects, and a deep fear to lose them. In those with borderline personality disorder, this can also translate as a deep desire to keep people, and a deep fear to lose them. It can also occur in those with delusions of death and loss, or those who believe that they will always be abandoned due to trauma. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element also involves a fluidity between satisfaction and desperation; between higher and lower vibrational energies; and a combination of manifestation and binding magick.1

It is based on the Deadly Sin of gluttony.2

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History of the term

Glutinfernal was coined on or before July 24, 2018 in a now-deleted post by Sapphire Crimson-Claw. There is no flag.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I keep people in my basement,
it’s just a quirky thing I do;
if you had my gender,
you’d keep people, too.

I don’t see the issue with
linking gender and OCD
to my fucked-up fantasies
about committing felonies.


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