Glaciogender Flag
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The similarly-colored bluish green stripes represent the difficulty that comes with distinguishing one specific part of the gender rather than viewing it as a whole. The light and bold to dull and dark decrescendo of color alludes to the fluctuating nature of this gender.

Glaciogender is a naturogender defined as "a gender that is smooth, has a clear or flat feel, and cool, like the icy surface of a glacier."

This gender may be seen as the natural opposite of scabrogender.1

History of the term

Glaciogender was coined on May 31, 2017 by tumblr users rosegender and glaciogender. The flag was designed by rosegender.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My friends and I are glacierkin
up in the North Atlantic–
My neighbor is the very one
who sunk the great Titanic!

So I lurk in water still and cold
way up in that northern sea–
I lie in wait to strike a blow
against the USS Binary.


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