Geogender Flag 2
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Geogender Flag 1
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Geogender is a naturogender that has been coined twice.
It was first defined as "idenifying [sic] as a island, continent, state, country, etc."1
It was later defined as "a gender that is connected to a country, province/state or a city/town"2


Meoia/es/os (or any that you feel suit you)

History of the term

Geogender was first coined on March 13, 2019 by possible troll tumblr user new-mogai-genders. The first flag was created at the same time.3 It was re-coined on September 27, 2019 by troll tumblr user geogenders.4
Despite the troll origins of both coinings, it has been reblogged by several legitimate MOGAI blogs.

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