Genderwhat is a neurogender defined as "a gender characterized by both confusion and apathy with regards to either a fluid or stable gender identity."1 It is further defined as "being unable to understand the concept of gender at all because of one’s neurodivergence (all neurodivergent people)."2

History of the term

Genderwhat was first coined on or before July 17, 2014 by tumblr user daedric-cisphobe MOGAI-Archive.3 The second definition was coined on or before November 12, 20144 by tumblr user cactusprincex.5 There is no flag.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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What even is gender?
What does gender mean?
I never wondered this before
I found the MOGAI scene.

But now I am surrounded
with such a mess of words
that I can’t even remember
which of them I’ve heard.

I can’t keep track of all of them–
I have a bad memory;
if it’s not MOGAI that’s the problem,
I guess it must be me.

I’ll settle, then, for Genderwhat
so I don’t oppress
members of that community
by saying that I’m cis.


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