Gendersublime Flag
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Gendersublime (or Mudfumy) is a fancy way of saying you have no idea what you're talking about defined as "a combination of genderfumy and gendermud (kymenianflux + diastimianfluid); a split genderness divided into a part that is fluidstable (fluid diastimian) and other side that it stillflux (static genderflux); a flexgenderfluid that is not fluidflux (fluxfluid, genderfliux or genderfluix).
Similar to genderslider. Also on gendergaz, polygender and suptiliamplusian (demisuptilian, demiamplusian or amplussuptilian) spectra"1

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History of the term

Gendersublime was coined on August 3, 2018 by tumblr user arco-pluris via beyond-mogai-pride-flags. The flag was created at the same time.2

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