Genderincimicus is a neurogender defined as "a sentiogender which describes a gender experience that cannot be fully felt/comprehended/understood because each time one attempts to mediate on their gender and determine what it does or does not entail/encompass, they feel a great sense of unease or anxiety, they begin to panic, or they become greatly distressed/distraught (including feelings of anger/frustration/despair) over not being able to make the determination. Note that this is not a distress that comes solely from uncertainty, but is a gender experience that necessarily involves an anxious/panicked/distressed sense of one’s own gender. The experiencer is therefore at odds with their gender, and this is the only thing they can know for certain, even if they can approximate what else their gender encompasses.
This is dissimilar to questioning or quoigender because it necessarily entails a dissatisfaction with one’s inability to fully grasp their gender. It is NOT just “IDK my gender” or “my gender is IDK”; it’s “I’m disappointed that I don’t know my gender because some emotional barrier is in the way, but I’d still like a term that describes that experience.”
The name comes from the Latin for adversary/enemy to illustrate how one always feels at odds with their gender due to it being just beyond reach.
This term was made with people with personality and anxiety disorders in mind (of which [the coiner is] both), but anyone who can’t get a grip on their gender due to panic/distress/anxiety can use it."1

History of the term

Genderincimicus was coined on or before September 26, 2019 by tumblr user momma-mogai-sphinx. There is no flag.2

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