Genderhu Flag
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Flag meaning: 胡 (hu) is one of the characters used for the name of an instrument, 二胡 (erhu). It is basically a type of guitar, but with just two strings. Since this gender is supposed to be described as music, this is mostly likely where the term came from. The flag here reflects that, being two long dark bars representing the two strings. The background is red since that is a common color in china for luck and happiness, and the character 胡 (hu) being in yellow to represent freedom, in this case freedom from the gender binary!

Genderhu is a POCgender defined as "kind of like a musical feel to it, a flow like a ribbon floating down in the sky. Peaceful calm flows and vibes as a gender.
This term is exclusive to Chinese people."1

History of the term

Genderhu was coined on or before February 26, 2017 by anonymous. The flag was created at the same time.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Now it’s summer and I am done
with Modern Chinese 1001.
To celebrate, here’s what I’ll do:
I’ll coin the gender “genderhu”!

Since there’s Chinese in the word,
it would be racist and absurd
for non-Chinese to have usage rights
(although I myself am white).

But luckily, none will abuse it;
no one likes it enough to use it.


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