Genderfumy Flag
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Genderfumy is a fancy way of saying you have no idea what you're talking about defined as "Fluxstatic, Flexstill or Kymenianflux: fluxing the gender intensity while the gender identity stays static; staticflux or stillflux, a combination of flexgender (flux) and genderstill (genderstatic, kymenian or kymengender); a more specific subset of genderflux that isn’t genderfluid, not changing the gender but its intensity. Also shorten to fluxtatic/flextatic, flextill/fluxtill, kymenflux and statiflux.
This is on gendergaz and amplusian spectra."1

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History of the term

Genderfumy was coined on June 20, 20182 by tumblr user arco-pluris. The flag was created on August 3, 2018.3

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