Geminigender Flag 3
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Geminigender Flag 2
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Geminigender Flag 1
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Geminigender is a zodiacgender defined as "A gender identity that is mostly/usually agender, but will rarely/oftenly change to a different (non-binary, indescribable) gender which changes each time.
Every time a gender surfaces, it is unique and will eventually go away and never return.
Relates to Gemini in that it is typically stable, but will have significant bursts of changes.
Not to be confused with Gemigender"1

History of the term

Gemigender was coined on of before August 14, 2015 by unknown on tumblr. The first two flags were posted at that time by Pride-Flags on Deviantart. [2][3] The final flag was posted on
August 22, 2015, also by Pride-Flags.4

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Since I’ve been geminigender,
I have had to learn
that parts of it will dissipate,
never to return.


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