Freezeboy Flag
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Freezegirl Flag
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Freezefluid Flag
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Freezenonbinary Flag
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Freezegender is a naturogender is defined as "similar to frostgender, but it also encompasses other genders as well. such as a freezegirl experiencing both a cold and snowy gender but also being a female, for example.1

History of the term

Freezegender was coined on or before August 25, 2014 by anonymous via MOGAI-Archive.2 The flags were all created by Pride-Flags on Deviant art on September 11, 2015. [3][4][5] [6]

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Frostgender is so last week
and I live in the now;
my gender’s one that will defeat
the most stalwart snowplow.
It was formed when icy rain
landed on gender, street and trees
and in the chillness of the night,
caused everything to freeze.


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