Fractigender Flag 2
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Note: The shape on the second flag is the Koch snowflake fractal, not a Magen David- this flag is not Jewish-exclusive, but people using the second flag should be respectful of the similar symbol.

Fractigender Flag 1
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All the colors except the center white stripe indicate separate genders- the pink/purple and blue for maleness and femaleness/masculinity and femininity, and the yellow and green for nonbinary genders (two colors are used, to capture the fact that nonbinary genders are vastly varied in experience and presentation). The difference in shade of the pink and blue indicate the different intensities of the genders experienced. The white stripe calls to the white stripe on the transgender, nonbinary, genderfluid, and bigender flags.

Fractigender is an Aesthetigender defined as "a gender identity characterized by different genders occurring with different intensities, and yet still connected (either through expression, interpretation, or being experienced simultaneously). This identity is based on the word “fractal”- a pattern that repeats on smaller and smaller scales, and different locations."1

History of the term

Fractigender was coined on or before February 24, 2019 by tumblr user inplaceofarms. The flags were created at the same time.2

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