FIN (Feminine in Nature)

FiNsexual Flag
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FiNgender Flag
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Color meanings: Colors that contain pink in them to symbolize this gender is feminine or has feminine elements.

FiN is a MOGAI modifier which stands for Feminine in Nature. It can be applied to both genders and sexualities.1



FINgender is defined as "umbrella term for all genders feminine in nature. Also a term to refer to a gender that isn’t fully defined but definitely feminine, or a gender in which femininity is its defining feature (but the gender is not binary female). May simply be used as “fin”, ie. “my gender is fin”.2


FINgender is defined as "attraction to people that are feminine (by their own definition).3

History of the term

FiN was coined on or before February 25, 2016 by the mod team of pride-flags-for-us.4
FINgender was coined on June 15, 2017 by tumblr user pastelmemer. The flag was created at the same time.5
FINsexual was coined on or before February 25, 2016 by the mod team of pride-flags-for-us. The FINsexual flag was created at the same time by Mod Raleigh (aka pastelmemer) and tumblr user mutezeppeli.6

All Explicitly FIN Terms


Fxmgender Flag
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Fxmgender is a Personagender/Esmogender defined as "a gender that is FiN, but is also disconnected from being female because of the person’s internalized sexism/toxic masculinity.1"

History of the term

Fxmgender was coined on February 14, 2020 by tumblr user mogaistefan (aka mogaiennis). The flag was created at the same time.2

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Gendersoup Nin Flag
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Gendersoup Min Flag
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Gendersoup Fin Flag
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Gendersoup Flag
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-white: represents the “blend” of all genders into a singular yet multigender gender, considering white is the mix of all colors in lgiht

-pink: symbolizes feminine in nature (fin) genders

-blue: symbolizes masculine in nature (min) genders

-green: symbolizes neutral in nature (nin) genders

-red: symbolizes genders unrelated to the binary; apora in nature (ain) or abinary in nature (abin) typically

-purple: symbolizes genders xenine in nature (xin), as well as genders mysterious or unknown in nature (uin)

-indigo-ish color thing: symbolizes neurogenders, or genders “neuro” in nature (neuin?)

-black: symbolizes genders that are defined as agender, agender in nature, genderless, or “void” (agin)

Gendersoup is a gastrogender defined as "a nonbinary identity/experience where one is multigender yet a singular gender at the same time; where one’s genders blend into one singular identity like ingredients in a soup
intended to use as an umbrella term for multigender people who’s genders blend in into a singular gender but can be used with genders like girl, boy, neutral, xenine etc. typically used like gendersoup fin, gendersoup min, gendersoup nin, gendersoup xin.1"

History of the term

Gendersoup was coined on February 2, 2020 by tumblr user coloneldotexe. There is not yet a flag.[2][3][4]

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Sapphogender Flag
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Flag meaning:
The middle three stripes are the colors of the sapphic flag, while the outer purple stripes represent the otherwise non-female/feminine identity of the label user.

Sapphogender is an orientationgender defined as "a wlw (/and nblw) who only experiences femaleness or anything of the like through their attraction to women & people of FIN/female-aligned genders. This person may be nonaligned or other-aligned, but they DO NOT feel any attachments to womanhood outside of this specific attraction. (They may also be attracted to men or other nbs.) This term can be coupled with any other gender identities that fit the label user as well; there may be specific terms the label user feels describes the female/fem-aligned aspect of their identity together with this term, as well as the rest of their identity outside of female/feminine alignment (for example, a sapphogender lunarian, who is otherwise an unaligned agender person)."1

History of the term

Sapphogender was coined on March 5, 2019 by tumblr user momma-mogai-sphinx. The flag was created at the same time.2

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Basketgender Flag
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Wickerbigender (m/f, primarily f) Baskethologender Basketchamomilian Flag
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Wickernonbinary Flag
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the yellow could be for gendered non-fin/min genders (such as wickerxenogenders), and the grey could be for anti/a/demigendered wickergenders (wickerantigender, wickeragender, wickerdemigender, etc)

Wickermasculine Flag
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Wickerfeminine Flag
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Wickergender (or Basketgender) is a floragender defined as "a gender that feels like multiple genders, similar or not, woven together to make one gender. basketgender is basically wickergender, but with other genders within the outer, woven-together genders (the wicker part of the basket) that aren't part of the 'wicker' and are usually separate from one another."1

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History of the term

Wickergender was coined on August 1, 2018 by anonymous via beyond-mogai-pride-flags.2 The flag was created on the same date by the anonymous coiner.3

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