Ferithrophic Flag
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Mauve- relation to alterhumanity

Pink- relation to the rest of the queer community

Light green- relation to neurodivergency

Ferithrophic Symbol
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It is a circle with a bar that ends in a seven pointed star, or may be a hollow seven pointed star with a bar that ends in the symbol according to your gender.

Ferithrophic (pronounced as ‘fair-ry-trOH-fik’) is a kingender defined as "a nonbinary gender that is used when one’s gender identity and history of exploring that identity is so intertwined with their identities as an alterhuman and as a neurodivergent person that the three can’t be separated.1"

The coiner describes the term in more detail:

As we all know, being neurodivergent or alterhuman/otherkin/therian/etc. on its own does not make one lgbt+. The following is for lgbt+ individuals, such as myself, who happen to also be neurodivergent and alterhuman.
I needed a word that described the way my alterhumanism and my neurodivergency are so intertwined with my gender. I am transmasculine and simultaneously agender, and I know there are words for that and words for my experiences separately, such as autigender or transpecies, but the way it came to be and the way I experience it seems different enough, that I needed a unique descriptor to sum it all up at once. I needed another word.
As for a name, I felt like something akin to ‘lukos athropos’ in root, so that it resembled lycanthrophy in wording, would be significant and maybe empowering, seeing as it’s something people like me are accused of often.
'Anti athropos’ became a possible candidate, which would be something like antithrophy, 'not man’, but I wondered if it sounded too much like the 'anti’ discourse nonsense to really take off… ‘Ferus athropos’ as in ferithrophy, ‘wild man’ became a better name.
This can be an add-on for a description of a pre-existing gender, or a gender all to itself. When used as an add-on, the prefix part, ‘feri’ can be used, as in ‘feri-boy’, ‘feri-agender’ or ‘feri-girl’ if so desired. When used as a gender, ‘ferithrophic’ is the proper descriptor usage. It is pronounced as ‘fair-ry-trOH-fik’2"


"Any pronouns can of course, be used, however a set of gender specific pronouns do exist. The root, ‘ferox’ or ‘feroc’, coming from ferocious was decided on as the root of pronouns, which are as follows:

  • fero (they)
  • feroxi (them)
  • feroxis (their)
  • feroxiv (theirs)
  • feroxi’s (thier’s)

feroself or feroxim (themself)
Validation sentences can be set up as follows:
Fero loves to draw. Fero thinks fero does it very well, and I certainly agree! Feroxis pets, other people, you name it, fero can draw it. Fero’re on feroxis way to a great career.
Fero is an excellent club leader. Fero is confident in feroxim, trustworthy and listens to all the other members. I can’t wait to hear feroxis new ideas next time we get together.3"

History of the term

Ferithrophic was coined on May 11, 2019 by tumblr user Ferithrophic. The flag and symbol were created at the same time.4

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