Felisgender Flag 2
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Felisgender Flag 1
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The flag stripes don’t have a specific meaning. Rather the individuals who made the flag was trying to give the impression of tabby stripes. The symbol in the centre of the flag is a cat’s paw

Felisgender is a faunagender defined as "a small, catlike gender that is up to more interpretation by those who identity with it. Synonyms for felisgender are catusgender and nekogender.
However, nekogender is exclusively for Japanese individuals
The prefix felis and catus are from the words feline and cat. The prefix neko is the Japanese word for cat."1

History of the term

Felisgender was coined on or before August 12, 2014 by unknown via Pride-Archive. The flags were created at the same time.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender’s small and furry
and oft poops in the closet;
its clawmarks on the sofa
have doomed my pet deposit


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