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Exogender is a fancy way of saying agender defined as "a gender that is beyond gender; a non-existent gender; truly, it is not a gender, but simply a word to fill the gap. Not synonymous with agender, as for agender to exist, there must first be a Gender to be Not experienced by agender people. Similar to Praegender and Panengender.

Another gender may be added onto the end (e.g., exoseraphaeic, exogirl) if the person feels that the second gender in question may be the closest way possible to describe what may be defined as ‘gender’ in human terms. Using exoseraphaeic & exogirl as examples, the person is exogender but feels that, if they had to choose a gender in order to describe it the best way they can, it’d be seraphaeic/girl.
This gender was coined by two nonhumans in a system, but anyone can use it."1

History of the term

Exogender was coined on November 20, 2019 by tumblr user xeno-aligned. The flags were created at the same time.2

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