Exagender Flag 2
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Exagender Flag 1
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Exagender is a neurogender defined as a "gender that is defined/influenced by whether they believe people will approve of it or not; usually with splitting and is in contrast with actual experience of gender (borderline only)."1

History of the term

Exagender was coined on or before November 12, 20142 by tumblr user cactusprincex.3 The flags were created on January 19, 20184 by anonymous via Ask-Pride-Color-Schemes.5

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I seek MOGAI’s approval
because I’ve got BPD;
they suggested that this gender
might be right for me.

For although I feel I’m cis,
few have MOGAI anoint them
with a custom gender and
I’d hate to disappoint them.


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