Espigender Flag
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Colors tradtionally associated with the spirit. White circle represents an orb, a paranormal phenomenon some believe to be the true visible form of souls.

Espigender is a religiogender defined as " A gender which has it’s existence tied in with alternate planes of existence; a gender which is transcendent and spectral and strongly tied in with the spirit (or being a spirit). Coined with otherkin in mind (spiritkin, exradimensional kin, kin who dreamwalk, etc.) but usable by anyone."1

See Also:Altegender

History of the term

Espigender was coined on or before May 27, 2015 by pride-flags-for-us/Pastelmemer. The flag was created at the same time.23

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender is n-dimensional
and cannot be defined
by any terms known to man
nor grasped by the human mind.

Just because that sounds like nonsense
doesn’t mean it ain’t legit–
I dictate my own reality
although I’m full of shit.


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