Emotugender Flag
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Color meanings: Different colors associated with different emotions.

Emotugender is a Personalitygender/Esmogender defined as "a fluid or flux gender effected by emotions, mood, and state of mind. It is similar to affectugender, but is not exclusively a neurogender. One does not have to be diagnosed with a mood disorder to be Emotugender, while they do to be Affectugender. Just as an example, one may feel Agender in a inactive state of mind and Androgynous in an active one."1

History of the term

Emotugender was coined on or before June 15, 2016 by an unknown person. The flag was created on that date, and that's the first time-stamped usage of the terms findable.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Mood changes my gender,
I know ‘cause I’ve explored it;
don’t ask me how the heck it works,
just take my word for it.


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