Ectogender Flag
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Ectogender is a Personalitygender/Esmogender defined as "someone who feels as though their gender exists outside of their permanent being/body and/or that their gender is not something that is fully attached to their person. can be a subset of most genders.
the prefix “ecto-” meaning “outside” and/or “external.”"1

History of the term

Ectogender was coined on or before July 21st, 2014 by tenderagender,2 who may be the same person as nookwhiffers (to whom the term is sometimes attributed).3 The flag was created on
September 17, 2015 by Pride-Flags on Deviantart.4

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I am constantly eluded
by my gender so ghostly,
but I’m sure when I catch it,
I’ll misrepresent it grossly.


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