Draoidhe Flag
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Draoidhe (’droo-iy’, from the scottish gaidhlig word for ‘druid’) is a POCgender defined as " is a nonbinary gender characterised by a connection to nature, art, and spirituality in the context of ancient and modern celtic culture. what these three things mean is up to the draoidhe to decide according to their own experience of being a nonbinary celt. as it stands this label is only for people from the celtic nations. it represents a reclamation and reconstruction of a culture and history that we continue to struggle for against western imperialism. if you don’t have the lived experience of being a celt, you don’t have the cultural context to fully understand this term."1

History of the term

Draoidhe was coined on or before January 12, 20182 by tumblr user vagabond-sun via queer-buccaneers.3 The flag was created at the same time.

Background from the coiner

so i’ve long held the personal theory that ‘druid’ might have been a spiritual third-gender role in ancient celtic society. they had a discrete set of roles, expected character traits and style of dress from other, typical men and women. druid was a ‘class’ of person that the celts believed were inherently better seers, advisors, judges, poets, etc, than the other classes of people. people who became druids were usually picked for an inborn spiritual capacity they seemed to have, and two decades of their early life were dedicated to giving them the skills they needed to utilize that. even if it was not factually considered so at the time, i think there are more than enough reasons that it makes sense to view it through that lens now. i feel as a scottish, pagan, nonbinary person i have the right to extrapolate on this phenomenon as it relates to my identity, especially because of the absolute dearth of accurate information on the celts that has survived due to imperialism. i have never felt a pull to celtic neopaganism, but the historical accounts of the druids feel to me like a window into a culture that i ought to still be part of today. so i’ve taken things into my own hands

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I reclaim my culture
by extrapolating that
which there is zero evidence of;
my feelings trump the facts.

Yes, I’m living proof of
anthropological politicization–
all those who use my made-up term
must hail from Celtic nations.


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