Drakefluid Flag 2
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Drakefluid Flag 1
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Dark Green & Light Green: Represents Air Dragons
Dark Blue & Light Blue: Represents Water Dragons
Dark Red & Light Red: Represents Fire Dragons
Dark Brown & Light Brown: Represents Earth Dragons
Pink & Purple: Represents Fey Dragons
Midnight Blue & Black: Represents Dark Dragon
Light Grey & Dark Grey: Represents all other types of Dragons

Drakefluid is a kingenderis defined as " when your gender fluctuates, but you can’t find just a few terms to describe what your fluctuating gender is, so you “hoard” gender terms that fit you.
note: only to be used by dragonkin."1
For nonkin terms, see

History of the term

Drakefluid was coined on July 24, 20142 by anonymous via Pride-Archive.The first flag was created on that date.3 The scond flag was created on or before October 156, 2015, possibly by Pride-Flags on Deviantart.4

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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“Drakefluid” sounds like something
you’d call a dragon’s cum,
but let me reassure you that
it’s nothing quite so dumb.

Drakefluid folk hoard genders
like Smaug’s gold in Erebor
(before the 13 drove him out,
before Bilbo found the door).


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