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Dollgender is a kingender originally coined by a troll, dollgender1, in a now-deleted post and defined as "a gender that closely resembles agender, but is strongly influenced by one's identification as or with dolls. can also be used as dollgirl, dollboy, dollenby, etc. Most commonly associated with dollkin, but one is not required to be dollkin to identify as dollgender."2
The term was re-coined by a non-troll to mean "A gender that is fragile with soft feminine and neutral energy or a gender relating to a doll-related kintype."3


Kendygender, a masculine subtype of dollgender (from ken and andy, two of the best known 'boy dolls') was coined by tumblr user wavership before April 2, 2019.4

History of the term

Dollgender was originally coined before June 18, 2018 by troll tumblr dollgender.5 The non-troll term (which is literally the same thing) was coined on December 3, 20186. The non-troll flag was created at the same time.7

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I’m kin with that creepy baby doll
you saw when looking at antiques,
and though you didn’t buy me,
I’ve been watching you for weeks;

I found out where you lived,
and super-liked you on Tinder;
I’m the cashier from the antique store–
I’m dollkin and dollgender.


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