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All the genders in this category are fancy ways of saying you're Questioning. According to the gender wiki, which is pro-MOGAI, Questioning is defined as

"a term used to describe anyone who is in the process of deciding which gender identity suits them best. Transgender people may undergo a period of questioning in which they reflect upon their preferred gender expression, their personal definitions of masculinity and femininity, and their feelings about their assigned sex. Questioning can result in a change of gender identity (which may prompt a desire to transition) or it may confirm the gender identity the person previously held.

Because gender identity is an internal experience, no-one else can know for certain someone's gender or "answer the question" for them, although learning more about the experience of others can help with self-understanding. However, a period of questioning only ends when the person decides for themselves which gender identity, if any, they feel most comfortable with.

Questioning people with supportive friends may undergo trial periods of social transition, in which they ask a small group of people to use a different name and set of pronouns in order to experiment with which gendered language they feel most confortable [sic] with.

A period of questioning can occur at any time, as gender identity can sometimes change without an obvious external reason. Most questioning people previously considered themselves cisgender, but some transgender people may begin questioning their previous identity and adopt a new one.

Questioning should only be used to describe those who are seeking to label their gender identity, not those who are comfortable without adopting a label."1

List of Terms



Abditusgender (or sectiogender) is defined as "a gender identity in which one feels as though they have a general idea of their identity, although they feel as though their gender is still hiding important aspects of itself, or that it is slowly revealing itself."2


Aeregender is defined as "You don’t know what your gender is, but you have a vague idea. From the Latin word “quaerere,” which means ‘to ask/search/question’"3

Anifia Gender

Anifia Gender is defined as "the gender of those who feel they need a new gender, but don't know what it is, but is different from other genders of the same class. The person knows their sexuality, but not their place. They are lost, but not at the same time. They are just there."4


Anongender is defined as "a gender that is unknown to you and others."5


Approxigender is defined as "when you feel that you are not exactly a gender, but that the gender is the closest thing that fits. If you are approxi-agender, for example, you feel that you are not exactly agender but that agender is the closest term to what you feel."6


Apsconsugender is defined as "a gender where you know what it isn’t, but not what it is. like the gender is hiding itself from you.
from the latin word absconsus, meaning hidden, secret, concealed, unknown."7



Cassggender is defined as "feeling utterly indifferent to gender, believing it isn’t important."8


Credogender is defined as "a gender you constantly question the label of but exists and you can still understand it but can’t quite find the words for (may or may not expirence (sic) fluidity/fluctuation)"9



Explorogender (or Explorgender) is defined as "a gender dedicated to feeling and exploring many other different genders at random times and its constantly changing (explorogender can change DAILY and you can change it daily, explorogender is just a name FOR that desire to constantly explore and change your gender, also can change the word gender to ANY gender/noun of what youre feeling)
note: this does not extend the ability to explore genders people don’t have access to (neurodivergent and cultural ones, etc.)"10



Faendagender is defined as "when you feel like your gender follows you despite it being a source of question for you; for instance your sexual orientation may change but your gender remains the same.
e.g. you can be faendagirl or faendaboy, even though your sexuality changes!"11


Flaugender is defined as "a gender that is weak, or a gender that you feel weakly. From German flau, meaning weak/soft."12


Frontigender is defined as "having an excessive need to find out what your gender is, unable to find a fitting term or not. Opposite of cassgender or apagender. Frontida means ‘care’ In Greek."13



Genderwitched is defined as "You are intrigued or entranced by the idea of a particular gender, but are not certain that you’re actually experiencing it."14



Migragender is defined as "for those who are questioning their gender and don’t want to pin it down to one or two words; who are flitting from gender to gender to see how they all feel."15



Namegender is defined as "a gender that is best described by one’s name, good for those who aren’t sure what they identify as yet but definitely know that they aren’t cis. it can be used as a catch-all term or a specific identifier, e.g. johngender, janegender, (your name here)gender, etc."16


Nomengender is defined as "name gender? Like going by your name instead of pronouns."17 A later coining defines it as "A gender you feel like has a name/title out there somewhere, but you can't find it or haven't been satisfied with any titles. Can possess a definite "gendered" feeling and be used as Nomengirl, Nomenboy, or Nomennonbinary. The "scribble" represents the feeling of having a label, but not being able to figure out what the label is."18


Novigender (or Novogender) is defined as "a gender experience too hard to read/process/understand or too complex to pin down to one word."19



Partagender is defined as "only identifying with part of the criteria of a gender, or the explanation of said gender."20


Procrastigender is defined as "a temporary gender used when an individual doesn’t know what gender they identify as but plan to find it soon."21



Quesgender is defined as " From the word quest. When you know you have another (or a few more) gender identities in addition to the one(s) you’ve already pinpointed but no matter how much you search existing terms nothing seems to stick nor can you figure out how to describe it yourself.
Can be used as place holder until you find the right term(s) or as a permanent identity if you think you’ll never be able to find the right term(s). This is the gender equivalent of Pursu- which is specifically aspec."22


Questiongender is defined as "the gender is the journey itself? Not a quiogender “what is gender?” feel, but more of a constant search for a gender. Similar to questioning, but more solid. Knowing the journey is the point, but being on the journey nonetheless."23


Quizgender is defined as "where many different genders sound like they could fit you, but its difficult to make up your mind; in relation to when you’re taking a quiz, and you think one of the answers is correct, but then another one also looks correct, and you just have trouble deciding."24



Raygender is defined as "partially identifying as a gender, but not knowing how much you identify as it."25



Turbogender is defined as "a gender that you have tried to figure out but is too confusing and tangled, from latin conturbo (confuse/scatter)"26



Undrion is defined as "a gender that is characterized by being comfortable with the fact that it is undefined or unknown. It is meant to be used as an adjective. (e.g. “I identify as undrion.”) but it can also be used as a noun. (e.g. “I am an undrion.”)"27

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