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Gender Non-Conforming Flag
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All the genders in this category are fancy ways of saying you're Gender Non-conforming. According to the gender wiki, which is pro-MOGAI, Gender non-conforming describes anyone whose appearance and behaviour does not reflect the gender roles expected of them. Many transgender people, especially those who identify as non-binary and/or genderqueer, are seen as gender non-conforming. However, this term can also be applied to those with a cisgender gender identity who do not fit societal stereotypes of that gender [emphasis added]."1

The flag was created on or before March 11, 2017 by unknown.2

List of Terms



Abstragender is defined as "a gender that's related to the abstract concept of another gender (ex: abstraboy or abstragirl)."3


Anchorgender is defined as "when your gender is "anchored" to a certain gender (i.e., girl) even though you do not identify as that gender. can be anchorgirl/anchorboy/etc."4



Contreogender is defined as "a gender for someone who (generally speaking) believes society’s attitude surrounding gender/gender roles is harmful and believes gender should not be so important. This belief leads them to not pay much attention to their own gender/only share their gender if absolutely necessary/only tell close friends about their gender.5"



Dissidence is defined as "a person who opposes official conformancy [sic] and/or protest against the structurally stablished conformism/conformance/conformity.
In identity terms, a lot of people use (-)dissident representing themselves as inconformists [sic]/nonconformists/variants.6"


Demicisgender is defined as "identifying partially as your assigned gender/sex at birth, and another gender. The other gender may or may not be known. OR Being demigender, and wanting it known that part of your identity is cis/cisgender."7


Gender Disobedient

Gender Disobedient (or Gender Non-Compliant) is not defined by the coiner, but the name conveys the meaning fairly well.8

Gender Revolutionary

Gender Revolutionary is defined as "being completely or predominantly gender inconformist/nonconformist/anticonformist/deconformist; advocating for radical and drastic changes in the structural gender norms (a gender revolution) or their abolition and complete disruption.9"


GenderTeal is defined as "a gender that is similar to male but not quite there. It leans more towards the genderless side of the spectrum.10"



Intricargender is defined as "Being fascinated/intruiged by a gender identity, but knowing you don’t actually identify with said gender (used as a “tag-on” gender). Word composed of latin root for “intruiged” [sic] and “gender.”"11



Offgender is defined as "a gender that closely represents/is most closely represented by another gender, but is not that gender. Can be likened to what the color off-white is to white for descriptive purposes. Similar in definition to paragender and perigender."12



Paragender (or Limit as Gender Approaches) is defined as "a gender identity that is close to, but not exactly, a gender. For instance, someone who is a paraboy may feel that their gender is near to, but not quite male/masculine."13


Perigender is defined as "to identify around or near your assigned gender, but not so closely to it that you feel cis. From the Greek prefix peri, meaning about or around."14


Puellix is defined as "an Abinary gender that is similar to Female, but lies outside of the binary gender spectrum. The person has feminine qualities but mostly identifies with nonbinary, abinary, or omni-aligned/Polygender gender descriptors and terms.
From Latin, “Puella”, meaning “girl” and an otherine modification of the feminizing suffix, “-trix” to “-ix”, used to describe one who performs a given action.
This word is inspired by the term Mädchen, coined by user coloneldotexe. Mädchen differs from Puellix in that a Mädchen identifies with neuter descriptors, while a Puellix individual identifies with Omnigender/Pangender/Polygender descriptors.15"



Roseusboy is defined as "a masculine gender that has many parts of femininity incorporated into the overall gender identity, but still have plenty of masculine qualities as well16"



Syndegender is defined as "were you know you’re a certain gender, but you have a deep connection to another (ex; being a boy, but feeling strongly associated with femininity). Based off the Greek word “sýndesi,” meaning connection"17

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