Dialgagender Flag 3
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Dialgagender Flag 2
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Dialgagender Flag 1
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Dialgagender is a fictigender defined as "usually connected to feelings of masculinity, it’s imposing, titanic and has a great impact on the person’s life. But it’s mysterious, alluding any sort of pinpointed description other than “kind of a man but not quite 100% there” or something of the sort. The individual feels like it can change or fluctuate depending on how long an impacting experience lasts, but the initial feelings it’s connected to will still be there.
Anyone can identify with this! The whole “usually connected to masculinity” is just to describe how [the coiner] feel[s], but usually means not always."1
Related to the Pokémon Dialga

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History of the term

Dialgagender was coined on October 4, 2019 by tumblr user cockyroaches. The flags were created at the same time.2

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