Demi-Smoke Flag
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Demi-Smoke is an Aesthetigender defined as "a transcendental, spiritual gender roughly drifting to other genders that are unable to be foreseen and understood, shrouded in darkness within your inner visual. Elevating through mystery. Caused by a lack of inner interpretation and dark emotional states. Tied to Demi-Vapor."1

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History of the term

Demi-Smoke was coined before September 16, 20172 by tumblr user cotton-blossom-jellyfish.3 The original flag post could not be found, but was retrieved from a post created on March 18, 2019.4

The coining post could not be found, but the tags of the following post by the coiner contain the term.

There would be far less cis people..
If we weren’t shackled to the labels of “male and female” the moment we enter the world. If we weren’t stripped of our gender individuality to be replaced by one flat descriptor. If we were taught to embrace the fluidity of our true selves and encouraged to become enlightened to who we really are in our bodies. We are not only of our bodies, therefore, gender can exist outside of the limiting realm of the physical world. It is deeply connected to the free will of our souls. Instead of acknowledging this fact, we are given a label, one we are expected to identify with for the rest of our lives, or you will be rejected and hurt by the blind world beyond.
This makes just as much sense as choosing a baby’s favorite color and forcing them to identify with society’s interpretation of that color. Imagine being forced to wear one color, forced to identify with it and conform to society’s strict standards for that color. You must actively participate in identifying with this one stagnant color for the rest of your life in fear of the irrational consequences people will inflict upon you for stepping out of their bounds of what they feel is safe. In reality, people could not be held in place to the calming, dependable color of blue or the fiery, passionate color of red, or even to the bright, joyous color of yellow, but you have not a choice. The same can be said for gender, for male and female.
We are not given a choice, we are assigned to a label and expected to uphold it. A choice, such a basic fundamental choice people should have about themselves, and for some reason, something so person, even spiritual, is chosen for us. We are being abused, and we are entirely unaware of it for we just look around and accept it. That’s exactly the problem too, we look around but we forget to look within ourselves and find our true identity.
Cis people are not the majority, they have been forced into it. It’s time to be awaken.
Please no hate, I put my heart and soul into this for this is a very personal topic to me. I deeply identify with it on spiritual levels and I feel as if this was a brave step forward for me expressing myself.5

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