Delusogender Flag
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Flag meaning:
- Black Outline: The disconnect between one’s delusions and reality.
- Dark Fuchsia: All types of delusions
- Fuchsia: Bizarre Delusions
- Red: Paranoid Delusions
- Orange: Delusions of Grandeur
- Yellow: Divine/Godly Delusions
- Teal: Reality and Nihilistic Delusions
- Blue: Truman Show Delusions
- Dark Blue: Persecutory Delusions

Delusogender is a neurogender defined as "a subset of posigender (a gender identity that is influenced by the positive symptoms of a schizophrenic person) in which one’s gender is influenced by one’s delusions. Strictly for schizophrenic/psychotic/delusional people. This can be a multigender identity if your delusogender is made of multiple genders itself."1
The [gender] part of delusigender can be replaced by any gender term one feels they may identify with in their delusional state, as in delusoboy, delusogirl, delusononbinary, and so on.

Delusogender is not only a lone identity, but also an umbrella term for the rest of the delusogenders.


History of the term

Delusogender was coined on May 30, 2018 by tumblr user actuallyschizophrenic (AKA tumblr user genderfluid-ariel; Ari-The-Demigod on Deviantart). The flag was posted on this date.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I hallucinate spiders on my hands
and this is how I know I’m trans;
my body would not change like this
if I were a filthy cis.


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