Crystagender Flag
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Crystagender is a sciencegender defined as "when your gender randomly changes, and you often feel broken or fractured between multiple different genders.
For example, on one day, you might feel like you’re 110% agender, but on the next you’re broken into demigirl&nan0boy, androgynous, etc. Whether you feel like you switch between these genders throughout the time period, or feel like all at once, is up to the person."1

History of the term

Crystagender was coined on or before July 18, 2014 by tumblr user blogging-n-stuff via MOGAI-Archive.2 The flag was created on or before July 4, 2015. It was posted by Pride-Flags on Deviantart at that time.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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In deep caves, minerals dripped
for millennia untold
and formed breathtaking crystals–
some more rare than gold.

Imagine being so self-absorbed
that you felt it right
to compare your gender to this wonder–
what could be more trite?


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