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Coined on August 18,2014 by puurpel on Tumblr. Flag by puurpel and frygon.

Cryptogender is a xenogender defined as a "gender one cannot discern, describe or define in human words because one is puzzled by it. It feels like it is and it isn’t there without following any particular pattern, sometimes even at the same time."1

History of the term

Cryptogender was coined on August 18, 2014 by now-deactivated tumblr puurpel. The flag was made by the same user and a friend and submitted to the Pride Archive.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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No, I don’t invest in bitcoin,
try some joke I haven’t heard;
cryptocurrency’s appropriative–
it’s stealing all our words.
My gender’s not a blockchain,
nor reward for solving a hash–
I cannot discern or explain it–
also, fuck Bitcoin Cash.


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