Chaotigender Flag 2
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Chaotigender Flag 1
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the yellow in the center is supposed to indicate the uncertainty of your gender
the red is the chaos of the mind
the orange is because in literature orange symbolizes a lot of things that are linked with adhd, such as action, ambition, disorder (lol), and energy
the purple is bc purple symbolizes things like conflict, individualism, mystery, and even homosexuality which i’m sure most of us are all too familiar with.
the black design is supposed to be a combination of question marks and the neurodiversity infinity sign

Chaotigender is a neurogender defined as "a neurogender exclusively for those with adhd who feel that their adhd directly influences their ability to properly analyze and pinpoint their gender."1

History of the term

Chaotigender was coined on November 5, 2017 by tumblr user transgalaxies. The first flag was posted at the same time.2 The second flag was created on December 10, 2017 by tumblr user kyressin .3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My brain moves way too fast
for me to even faintly grasp
what my gender term might be;
can’t you see I have ADHD?

No, I’m not actually diagnosed–
asking that was pretty gross;
who cares if I drink enough Coke
to give a grizzly bear a stroke?

My neurodivergency is real,
don’t invalidate how I feel–
Next you’ll say my neurogender
makes me look like a pretender!


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