Chaouian Flag
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Chauxian Flag
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Chauceian Flag
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Cha-ian Flag
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Cha-ian is an aesthetigender defined as "when your gender feels soft , fuzzy , warm , and childlike in nature !
the feminine version is chauceian , the masculine version is chauxian , and the neutral version is chaouian !"1


you can use any pronouns for this , but there are some pronouns [the coiner] came up with :

  • chauce / chauceself ( feminine )
  • chaux / chauxself ( masculine )
  • chaou / chaouself ( neutral )

History of the term

Cha-ian was coined on July 17, 2019 by troll tumblr user mogai-reclaimers2. The flag was created at the same time.3
Despite the troll origin of the term, it was reblogged sincerely by at least one real MOGAI blog.

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