Ceciusgenus Flag 3
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Ceciusgenus Flag 2
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A fallen angel symbol (of unknown origin besides clipart)

Ceciusgenus Flag 1
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Flag Color Meaning:
Blue: Strength, Wisdom, Sky, Water
When defined by one place it takes great courage to remove yourself from it, for whatever reason. Strength.
Wisdom comes for knowing when it's time or seeing the bigger picture.
Earth, seeing the place of forbidden but deciding to see it anyways

Ceciusgenus is a neurogender defined as "a nonhuman gender defined by being a fallen angel…This term isn't for anti endogenic or anti non traumagenic systems"1

Behind The Name

cecidit - fallen in Latin
angelus - angel in Latin
Mix the words

History of the term

Ceciusgenus was coined on November 26, 2019 by tumblr user plural-mogai (aka mogai-moth). The first two flags were created at the same time.2 The third flag was created on the same date by tumblr user amethsystem on Discord.3

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