Candy Gurogender

Candy Gurogender Flag
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Candy Gurogender is a gastrogender and a subtype of gurogender defined as "a gender related to candy gore, a subculture of gore art where the subject tends to be very colorful, have segmented body pieces and gut spills, lacerations, and/or body horror with candy-like goo in the place of what would be blood and references to food and candies.1

History of the term

Candy Gurogender was coined on February 2, 2018 by noocklicker via the tumblr Uncommongender. The flag was made at the same time by mod Kyle on Uncommongenders.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

Candy Gurogender
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My gender has sugar gut spills
and blood of candy goo;
It’s just like a fruit gusher,
and pink and green and blue!
My gender’s lacerated,
its flesh is flayed and slashed;
My gender’s sweet body horror
and should not be bashed.


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