Cabledagender is an Aesthetigender defined as "your gender is like tangled up cables, kinda destroyed and looks like it will have a short circuit at any moment. additionally, these cables are connected to something, although you don't know to what. the conection can be strong or loose. it can be mixed with other genders if, while you don't know where the majority of the cables are connected to, you know a few are connected (strongly or loosely) to a gender (for example, cabledaboy, cabledaneutrois)"1

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History of the term

Cabledagender was coined on November 2, 2018 by an anonymous asker on tumblr blog xeno-aligned.2 There is no flag. While the asker may have been a troll, as xeno-aligned aknowledges in the original post, the term has been reblogged by several non-trolls, and it has been added to at least one "official" list of MOGAI terms.3

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