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Burlesgender Flag
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Burlesgender (or Genderesque or Ziggystardustgender) is an aesthetigender defined as "A gender that is ineffable, extremely hard to label, but flamboyantly and fabulously androgynous. Not meant to be taken 100% seriously. First coined as Ziggystardustgender; changed due to this referencing a real person."1 There is one flag for Burlesgender, which was created on March 23, 2019 by tumblr user arsgoesgender (aka the pancherryblossom aka hawaiiaine).2, and there are are two for Ziggystardustgender.

History of the term

Ziggystardustgender, the original term, was was coined before August 22, 2014 on Mogai-Archive by nebulizard.3
The flag was created at the same time by ragingqueermisandrist. The name was changed to genderesque before December 19, 2014, when the new term appears on a list of mogai MOGAI genders on SomethingAwful.4

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Burlesgender is just an act–
I could not be prouder of that fact.
It expresses itself flamboyantly,
it’s fab and andro just like me!
It’s a gender Bowie would’ve loved,
and I know he’s watching from above;
Lo, Ziggy Stardust I remember
as I conflate my style with gender.


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