Bruh, Youre Cis.

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All the genders in this category are fancy ways of saying you're cisgender. According to the gender wiki, which is pro-MOGAI, Cisgender is defined as

"a term for someone who has a gender identity that aligns with what they were assigned at birth. The term was created for referring to "non-transgender" people without alienating transgender people. For example, if the doctor announces a baby as being a girl, and she is fine with being a girl, then she is cisgender.
Cisgender may sometimes be referred to as cissexual (corresponding to transsexual, not to be confused with a sexual orientation), or shortened to cis."1

List of Terms



Circumgender is defined as "a trans gender identity where a person identifies with a cis trans gender, eg. a person assigned the female gender at birth who does not identify as a cis female, but a trans female.
Originally called “Specialgender”, but was considered offensive."2



Flexgender is defined as "a gender that has a flexing intensity level. Like if you are feel “girl” one day and throughout the day it changes from “kinda girl” to “REALLY GIRL” and everywhere in between."3

FTF Transgender

FTF Transgender (Female-to-Female) is defined as "a trans woman who considers herself transitioning from female to female, as she has always been female, just not in the way being female is traditionally defined as. An alternative to MTF."4


MTM Transgender

MTM Transgender (Male-to-Male) is defined as "a trans man who considers himself transitioning from male to male, as he has always been male, just not in the way being male is traditionally defined as. An alternative to FTM."5



Perogender is defined as "wanting to be a certain gender, but not being of said gender."6



Quivergender is defined as "your gender fluctuates or is fluid in such tiny amounts that the label itself doesn’t change."7



Recugender is defined as "to identify with your birth gender, but you refuse to be cis; to be used as recugirl or recuboy. From the latin word “recuso”, meaning “to refuse”."8



Weirdgirl is defined as "when you’re kind of a binary girl, but in a weird way!"9

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