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Bordergender Flag 1
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Color meanings: Unknown, the 2nd set has been dimmed down to reduce eye strain.

Bordergender (or borderfluid) is a neurogender defined as "a fluctuating gender experienced exclusively by people with BPD. A gender identity lacking a firm grasp on ones identity, while still experiencing gender, to varying degrees, but having trouble pinning it down to just one label or identity. Having the sense of grasping at labels as much as possible to describe a gender we keep questioning because we keep second guessing our sense of selves and, consequentially, our sense of gender.
Can be combined with relevant genders.1"

History of the term

Bordergender was coined on or before December 31, 20142 by tumblr user izayaorihahaha3 (later antiqueapple on deviantart4). The flags were created before August 17, 2015, the originals by izayaorihahaha and edited versions by pastelmemer, aka Pride-Flags on Deviant-Art.[5][6][7][8]

The coiner, sensibly, no longer approves of the term and hopes that nobody uses it.

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