Boggender Flag (2)
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Boggender Flag (1)
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Boggender (synonyms: Swampgender, Crocgender, Gatorgender) is a naturogender defined as "a gender that feels like, or can be described/compared to a bog, swamp, marsh, fen, etc."1

History of the term

Boggender was coined on or before July 31, 2014 by unknown via MOGAI-Archive.2 The first flag was created on September 6, 20153 and the second one was created on October 16, 2015,4 both by Pride-Flags on Deviantart.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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There is floating algae in my soul
Mosquito larvae in my mind
there is pond scum in my spirit
and damp sand up my behind.

There’s sphagnum in my pigtails
and peat moss in my heart
There’re tadpoles in my dreams
and bog gasses in my farts.


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