Aventurgender is an aesthetigender defined as "a gender that you find totally by chance and with luck, is a little hazy around the edges, but you feel completely at harmony with it and at times it reflects parts of who you are. From the gemstone aventurine (from avventura ‘chance’, because of its accidental discovery) known as the luckiest of gemstones, the ability to bring harmony into your life, and aventurescence, an effect exhibiting a glistening effect when rotated or looked at different points."1
The mystical crystal from which the name is taken is actually a synthetic, made from glass impregnated with gold or copper. Effectively, much like aventurgender, it's a clever fake to make people feel special.2

History of the term

Aventurgender was coined before Dec 19, 2014 by a now-unknown submitter to MOGAI-Archive. No flag exists for this term.34

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My touchy-feely gender
can be likened to a rock
that hippies say is lucky,
plus other new-age schlock.
Though gender is intangible,
mine glistens in the sun–
fuck gender policing,
make-believe is fun.


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