Aporiosexual is a neurosexuality defined as "A word to describe when someone with ocd has sexual or romantic intrusive thoughts/obsessions that are at odds with their orientation.
Example: I am homosexual but i have intrusive thoughts about people who are a different gender than me. I am aporiohomosexual.
the latin word aporio meaning doubt, waver, vacillate.
Note: only to be used by people who have obsessive compulsive disorder.
See also: Nothosexual"1

History of the term

Aporiosexual was coined on or before October 16, 20142 by 'Dirk', possibly via MOGAI-Pride-Flags.3 There is no flag.

The coiner was not officially diagnosed with OCD.

Aporiosexual Coiner In Their Own Words
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MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I don’t even comprehend
how fucked up this label is–
I only think I’m OCD
‘cause I color-coded a quiz.

My identity implies that all
intrusive thoughts are legit
and have bearing on reality–
a total load of shit.


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