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Amigender is a Relationship-Based Gender defined as "a gender that can be fit to be loved by the individual and they sometimes feel more in touch with a certain gender. Does NOT depend on an individual's assigned gender. Slightly different than nonpuella/nonpuer in the way that someone may be assigned female/male and they dont consider themself that gender but they like to present that way. It's also very changeable since the whole gender revolves around the user loving it (like someone could be a glassgender amigirl bc they love how it suits them at that time)

Also can be used as…

Amiboy: an individual who doesn't consider themself male (even if theyre born male or not) but feels more in touch with masculinity.
Amigirl: an individual who doesn't consider themself female (even if theyre born female or not) but feels more in touch with femininity.
Amifluid: an individual who may not consider themself male/female (no matter what their birth gender is) but switches from being more in touch with femininity or masculinity or something else.
Amivac: an individual who is amigender but doesn't wish to specify what they are more in touch with or isn't in touch with anything.
(amivac is mainly used as a modifier, like an amivac demiboy. Amiboy/girl/fluid can all be used as modifiers too).

Ami means love/like/liking.
Vac means empty."1

History of the term

Amigender was coined on or before December 22, 2016 by buntao on deviant-art.2 The flags were created at the same time. [3][4][5][6][7]

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender’s customizable,
how are you guys not miserable
without a gender that can be fit
to be loved by the individual?


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