Alterousfluid: Ningender (Neutral-In-Nature) Flag
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Alterousfluid: Mingender (Male-In-Nature) Flag
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Alterousfluid: Fingender (Female-In-Nature) Flag
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Alterousfluid is a Relationship-Based Gender "describes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they feel alterous attraction to at the moment."1

The three subgenders one can currently be fluid between is a feminine one, Fingender (female-in-nature), a masculine one, Mingender (male-in-nature), and a neutral one, Ningender (neutral-in-nature).

History of the term

Alterousfluid was coined on or before July 27, 2017 by unknown.2 The flags were created at that time.[3][4][5]

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I really am a bit unsure
what alterous attraction means,
but I need a snazzy gender
to fit in with my fellow teens.


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