Alterous Attraction

Alterous Flag
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The yellow stands for platonic. The gray stands for the gray area between romantic and platonic attraction. Pink represents affection. Red represents romantic. The red and yellow are muted to show that it is not entirely platonic or romantic

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Alterous Attraction

Alterous attraction is a form of tertiary attraction felt by a-spec individuals that is described as not being entirely platonic or romantic. It typically constitutes a level of emotional closeness usually more than what is considered normal for an entirely platonic relationship, but does not fall into what would be considered to be a romantic relationship.

Alterous attraction is very similar to queerplatonic attraction. The difference being that queerplatonic attraction is a more intense form of platonic attraction, while alterous attraction is neither platonic or romantic.

An alterous crush is known as a mesh, although the term is not widely used.

One who does not experience alterous attraction may identify as a-alterous or nonalterous.


The alterous flag was made in 2016 by Tumblr user Alterous-Albatross.1

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