Remade Allekeinegender Flag
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The original flag was made using three pastel aesthetic photos: a pile of soft, pink feathers, a collection of mint green crystals and a heap of small, yellow stars. As lovely as these were, it made the pride flag difficult to reproduce. Keeping with the same colors, number and order of the stripes, this image was produced to simplify design, by making the stripes solid.

Allekeinegender Flag 1
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Allekeinegender is a fancy way of saying genderfluid/polygender defined as "the feeling of being all genders, and no genders at the same time, and it is a strand of nonbinary!"1
It was redefined by another tumblr user as "being simultaneously all accessible genders, yet none at all. A subtype of Genderdox."2


From German, “Alle” and “Keine”, meaning “All” and “None”, respectively.

History of the term

Allekeinegender was coined on February 26, 2020 by tumblr user buzzybeanstuff. The original flag was created at the same time.3
The remade flag was creaated of February 26, 2020 by tumblr user gender-resource.

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