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Genderculcita Flag
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Genderculcita is an artistigender defined as "a gender that feels stitched together and bound together like a quilt to make something beautiful1"

History of the term

Genderculcita was coined on February 11, 2020 by tumblr user hawaiiaine (aka genderstalgia, genderpotion, exosphenic, genderrose, mason-the-owlkin, atergender, beysgender, mogai-minecraft-snail, polysexualtea, aresgoesgender, thepancherryblossom). The flag was created at the same time.2

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Gendestitch Flag
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Genderstitch is a fancy way of saying Genderfluid/Polygender defined as "a gender that is a bunch of peices (sic) from other genders stitched. Can be used as an umbrella term"1


  • Girlstitch - peices of a bunch of Female or Femanine Genders stitched together.
  • Boystitch - peices of a bunch of Male or Masculine genders stitched together.
  • Enbystitch - a bunch of peices of non- binary or unaligned genders stitched together.

History of the term

Genderstitch was coined on November 27, 2018 by tumblr user adorablegenders.2 The flag was created on November 12, 2019 by tumblr user cometgender.3


Stitchgender Flag
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Stitchgender is an artistigender defined as "a gender that relates heavily to cross stitching/embroidery"1

History of the term

Stitchgender was coined on June 3, 2019 by anonymous via beyond-mogai-pride-flags.2 The flag was created on December 27, 2019 by mod light on beyond-mogai-pride-flags3

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