Aetergemma Flag
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Lemon Yellow- Those that identify as all incarnations of a cartoon character or toy mascot that changed genders between reboots.
Silver- Those identify as a robot/android/toy/etc, that was remodeled and marketed over time as different genders.
Pale Orange- Those that identify as a ghost/spirit that inhabited and identified as a robot/toy that was remodeled and marketed over time as different genders.
Mauve- An color that is both earthy and distantly related to pink, symbolizing the overall experience of being both alterhuman and MOGAI at once.

Aetergemma is a kingender defined as "a kingender that specifies a facet of oneself being multigender. The name comes from the latin “aeternum” meaning forever and “gemma” meaning trinket or toy…This kingender is specifically tied to the fact that their kintype had multiple incarnations- such as that of a toy, cartoon character, or robot- that were different genders over time. In the case of robots, in-universe, marketing may or may not have been with thier [sic] consent, but they still identify with these genders."1

History of the term

Aetergemma was coined on January 12, 2020 by tumblr user ferithrophic. The flag was created at the same time.2

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