Achillegender Flag
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The middle three stripes are the colors of the achillean flag, while the outer purple stripes represent the otherwise non-male/masculine identity of the label user.

Achillegender (or Vinciagender) is an orientationgender defined as "an mlm (/and nblm) who only experiences maleness or anything of the like through their attraction to men & people of MIN/male-aligned genders. This person may be nonaligned or other-aligned, but they DO NOT feel any attachments to manhood outside of this specific attraction. (They may also be attracted to women or other nbs.) This term can be coupled with any other gender identities that fit the label user as well; there may be specific terms the label user feels describes the male/male-aligned aspect of their identity together with this term, as well as the rest of their identity outside of male alignment (for example, an achillegender demiboy, who is otherwise genderfae)."1
[This is] related to, though not the same as Achillean/vinciangender (when a[n] achillean/vincian person feels that their orientation is so intrinsically tied to their gender that they absolutely cannot separate the two.

History of the term

Achillegender was coined on March 5, 2019 by tumblr user momma-mogai-sphinx. The flag was created at the same time.2

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